Shepparton & District Tennis Association Inc.

(a) Affiliated clubs shall enter a team or teams for competition in a series of matches to be arranged each season.
(b) Team entries together with a list of anticipated players and details of clubs teams performance in previous season MUST be lodged with the Secretary by the closing date set by the Executive. Clubs shall nominate the grade/s required, but final grading shall rest with the Executive.
(c) All affiliation fees and outstanding monies such as umpire fines, extra trophies, etc., MUST be paid prior to the commencement of the season. Clubs while in default shall have no premiership points awarded.
(d) Tennis Victoria player affiliation fees must be paid directy to Tennis Victoria by November 15 (Summer Competition) and May 31 (Winter Competition) of the current season. Clubs while in default shall have no premiership points awarded.

(a) All players participating in Association matches or Closed Tournaments must be bona-fide members of an affiliated Club.
(b) The appearance of a player's name on a result sheet shall constitute registration of that player.
(c) No player being a registered member of one club within this association will be eligible to play with another club within this association:

i - without a one match permit granted by the Permit Committee.
ii - unless a clearance is granted in writing from their previous club and no clearance can be granted again to that player until four (4) playing Saturdays have elapsed. No clearance will be granted after January 31st, summer season and June 30th winter season.
(d) No player shall play in more than one team on a fixture round.
(e) In the event of a club playing an ineligible player, the offending team shall forfeit the match.

(a) A player may not play except with the permission of the Permit Committee in a lower grade after that Player has played six (6) home and away matches in a higher grade or grades. Where a club has two teams in the one grade a player may not transfer from one team to the other team in that grade after playing five (5) home and away matches with one team in that grade.
(b) Players who play in Greater Goulburn or Murray Valley may play only in the top two (2) grades of this Association as determined by teh S.D.T.A. Inc.. They must play at least six (6) matches with the affiliated club in this Association to be eligible to play finals.
(c) A player who has played three (3) or more matches with any team in a previous season and has not been named in a team on the official entry form is ineligible to play more than two (2) grades (summer competition) and one (1) grade (winter competition) lower in the current season without the permission of the permit committee. The two/one (2/1) grades lower to be determined from the highest grade played in the previous season.

(a) The Tennis Season/s shall commence on the date/s decided at the Annual General Meeting.
(b) All matches shall be played on the dates shown on the fixture.
A postponement will be allowed only if for some unforeseen circumstance/s a club's courts are not available on the date set down on the fixture. In this case the home Club must notify the Secretary of the opposing club and the Executive Committee as soon as possible after the circumstance/s occurs.
The deferred match shall be played by mutual agreement by the clubs concerned within seven (7) days of the fixture date. If no mutual agreement can be arrived at, the Executive shall make a decision after gaining all the relative facts.
NIGHT MATCHES. When the home team has suitable court lights available, the match may be rescheduled with the agreement of both captains. The match would be played on the Friday or Saturday evening of the scheduled Saturday.
(c) In the event of adverse weather up to 2 hours prior to the start time of a match date, the Adverse Weather Committee shall make a decision as to whether there shall be play for that particular day on the fixture. If their decision is that matches be abandoned for that day, such decision shall be made 2 hours prior to the commencement time. This will be communicated to the nominated Club contact by text message. If the day is abandoned, all teams shall receive two (2) premiership points, except teams with a bye, who shall receive four (4) points.
(d) In the event of adverse weather within 2 hours of a match which interrupts the commencement of and/or the continuation of a match, the decision to abandon play rests with the Captains, and must be made at the venue. In the summer competition nine (9) (Doubles Grades - eight (8)) sets shall be played before the result of a match is deemed to be finalised. The nine (9) sets shall be completed by six (6) p.m. The corresponding figures for the winter competition shall be six (6) sets and by five (5) p.m. Only completed sets to be counted. The team ahead at that time is deemed the winner. Premiership points shall be awarded as per By-Lay 10. Uncompleted matches shall recieve two premiership points each.
Where play is not started or is not completed due to wet weather, a result sheet signed by both captains and with teams entered, should be lodged for registration. Failure to do so carries the same penalty as 8 (b).
(e) All final series matches must be played to completion.
(f) The order of play shall be as printed on the fixture unless by mutual agreement between the opposing captains. Opposing captains MUST exchange teams fully written out in order of play before the match commences.
(g) In the event of a player through sickness or injury during a match, or postponed Grand Final match, not being able to continue, that player shall forfeit the rest of the set. A substitute not otherwise debarred by these rules shall be allowed to play in any subsequent sets. If a substitute player is not available then the opposing team captain shall select a substitute from the same team.
(h) Any mutual agreement arrived at by opposing teams shall be submitted to the Draw Committee for approval.

The Composition of teams and method of play in the various grades shall be decided by the Annual General Meeting. Substitution of players of the opposite sex after the match has commenced is not permitted.

(a) Matches shall commence at 1.30 p.m. (summer) and 1.30 p.m. (winter) (refer 7a re finals). Teams not ready to commence at 1.30 p.m. shall forfeit six (6) games for every quarter of an hour or portion thereof after 1.30 p.m. If the match is not commenced by 2.15 p.m. then the offending team shall forfeit the match.
(b) All forfeited points MUST be shown as a minus BEFORE the match commences.
(c) A player not available when called upon to play their first set in the order of playas set out, shall forfeit their first set unless an agreement is made to play out of order. A player not available when called upon to play their second set as set out in the order of play, shall forfeit that set. A player not available when called upon to play their third set shall forfeit that set.

(a) All final matches shall commence at 1 p.m.
(b) Final matches shall be played on dates and courts as decided by the Committee. In the event of rain on a scheduled Grand Final day the Grand Final may be played on Sunday if necessary.
(c) The finals format shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting. The four teams having the greatest number of premiership points for the season shall playoff for the premiership. Where premiership points are equal, percentage shall decide position.

(d) A player is eligible to play in any finals match provided they: (i) have complied with By-Law 3 (a)
(ii) have played at least three (3) matches with the affiliated Club during the current season (refer By-Law 3 (b))
(iii) do not play in a lower grade than the lowest played in that season.
(iv) have played at least three (3) matches in that grade or lower grades.
(e) No permits allowed for final series matches.
(f) The Umpires nominated by Clubs to officiate at final matches shall have the responsibility of the conduct of the match.

They shall:-
1. Obtain team lists from each Captain before commencement of
2. Direct order of play. (Refer 6 (c)).
3. Complete team lists and enter results of sets.
4. Umpire sets if requested by either team captain.
5. Have score sheets available to all team members.
6. Determine the result of the match, complete and sign score sheets and have Captains check and sign score sheets.
7. Direct the winning Captain to hand in score sheets.
8. Clubs shall be given copies of these rules before finals.

(g) In the event of rain occurring when a finals match has commenced, the following will occur:
(i) The umpires after consultation with team captains, will determine if the courts are fit for play. The referee at the venue may be consulted.
(ii) All finals matches must be played to completion of all sets.
(iii) In the event of rain stopping the completion of all sets, then sets not completed previously will normally be completed the next Saturday unless otherwise decided by the Executive. Completed sets will stand.
(iv) Sets which are partially played will be deemed incomplete and will recommence with a nil all score line.
(v) Clubs with players unavailable from the incompleted final may apply in writing, with reasons, to the executive for permission to include other eligible players.
(vi) Court venues and umpires remain the same.
(h) If faulty score sheets are received in final matches, the Executive shall summon the Umpires and Captains to determine the result of the match.
(i) In the case of a drawn match in a final, each team shall select an existing mixed doubles combination from the team sheet. The team of the combination to win a six (6) game set shall win the match.

(a) One result sheet signed by both captains is required. It shall be the winning team's responsibility to lodge the result sheet for player registration and official result purposes. The sheet must be lodged by 8.00pm Saturday after completion of the match at a place to be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
(b) If no registration/result sheet is to hand by 8.00pm Saturday, after completion of the match no premiership points will be allotted to either team.
(c) It is the responsibility of both captains to see that the result sheets are filled in correctly. Incorrect result sheets will not be altered after they have been signed by both captains.
(d) The result/registration sheet must be completely and correctly filled in, in every detail, and signed by both captains to receive four (4) premiership points.

(a) The offending team shall notify the Secretary of the opposing Club as soon as it is evident that a forfeit is necessary.
(b) The team not in default shall forward a signed result sheet for registration purposes with their team written out and shall be awarded one third of the possible game points for premiership purposes. The team in default shall have one third possible game points added to their against points.
(c) Players named on any such result sheet shall be deemed to be registered.
(d) Forfeit sheets to be signed by the captain receiving forfeit and to have the same penalty as 8 (b).

These will be awarded as follows:-
Four points for a win or bye or forfeiture. Two points for a tie.
The winner of a match shall be decided on games; if the games are equal then the result shall be on sets: if sets are equal the match shall be a tie.

(a) Each club MUST provide two (2) players per Duty team to attend to the "umpire" duties during final series matches.
(b) The Umpires Committee shall advise Clubs when and where they are to umpire. Failure of a Club to supply umpires shall entail a fine of $50.00 per umpire.

The Rules of Play shall be those as set down by Tennis Australia. Balls used in all matches shall be those approved by Tennis Australia.
Regulation attire must be worn. Any offending player can be reported to the Association by noting incorrect attire on back of the sheet used for registration purposes. Appropriate action will be taken.


(a) Any infringement of these By-Laws should be reported to the Secretary of the Association. All protests must be lodged within four (4) days of the infringement concerned and be accompanied by a deposit of $10.00 which shall be refunded if the protest is not deemed frivolous.
(b) All protests will be decided by a majority of the Executive whose decision shall be final.

(a) When the V.C.T.A. Code of Conduct is breached at a home and away match, the captains become the referee. If unable to reach a satisfactory outcome, a written report to be submitted to the Executive Committee as By-law 13 (a).
(b) Players who do not abide by the V.C.T.A. Code of Conduct may be liable for suspension from match play at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

(a) Any matter not specifically covered in these By-Laws shall be referred to the Executive whose decision shall be final.
(b) Any portion of these By-Laws shall be altered or amended only by affirmative vote of a simple majority at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that specific purpose.
(c) A minimum of eight (8) balls is to be supplied by the home team for summer competition and four (4) for winter. Teams participating in final matches to supply a minimum of four (4) balls each for summer and two (2) for winter.
(d) Clubs shall be responsible for maintaining their courts in a condition satisfactory to the Executive Committee.

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